Ras El Ma

Twelve kilometers from the Algerian border, hidden by the mountains, Ras El Ma’s beaches satisfy the fans of scuba diving and tourists looking for exceptional panoramas. Rent a car and discover this authentic village.


Ras El Ma


In the Rif region, north-eastern Morocco, lies the village of Ras El Ma. This destination, with a great touristic development ahead of it, promises various landscapes. The beach of Cap de l’Eau, at the bottom of a 40 meters high cliff, is facing three islands. This fine sand beach, over 7 km long, offers an unforgettable view of the Mediterranean sea.

This "postal card" landscape is sublimated by the smell of Eucalyptus that cover the dunes and by the sound of the waves washing up peacefully on the beach and on the cliffs.

Ras El Ma’s fishing port is also a must-see. In small typical restaurants, you can enjoy grilled swordfish, anchovies, shrimps or fried squids. For an unbeatable price, you can also buy some fresh fish, including sardines with a unique taste.

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Practical informations

Ras El Ma is only a 1h10 drive from Oujda city and only a 50 min drive from Nador. To go to this authentical town, and visit the region, it is better to rent a car.