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Essaouira is a city full of life, where several cultural events take place. But the city is also one of the most charming in Morocco and it has several places where it is simply nice to take a walk. The Othello's gardens are one of them. Discover these beautiful gardens in Essaouira and consider renting a car to go there easily.

Harbour town situated in the North of Agadir, Essaouira is a place both quiet and dynamic. Offering several events all year long – such as the Festival Gnaoua and Music of the World -, this small seaside city also possesses very restful hidden places. It is the case of the Othello's gardens, located near the Lion's door (also calles Bab Sba or Bab Sebaa). Peaceful and well maintained, this park is among locals favorite spots. They go there to have a walk in the shade of palm trees, to discuss or simply to take advantage of the sea air and the sun.

Cinematographic gardenns

The Othello's gardens are not as impressive as the big Moroccan parks of megalopolises such as Rabat or Casablanca. But the Othello's gardens have a peculiarity that make them special. Indeed, it is indeed there that Othello, Orson Welles movie, was partially shot. After the movie shoot, the name Othello was given to these gardens, to pay tribute to the feature film and its team.

Othello, by Orson Welles, is not the only film production to have used the charm of Essaouira. Other movies and series – such as Kingdom of heaven, by Ridley Scott, or Game of Thrones (the very popular HBO show) - were filmed (partially) near the ramparts of Essaouira, an historic site accessible with only a few minutes of walking from the Othello's gardens.

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Practical information

The city of Essaouira, located in the North of Agadir, is known to welcome (from time to time) film productions. The Othello's gardens, in particular, were filmed for the movie Othello, by Orson Welles. Consider renting a car in Agadir to go there.