Moulay Bousselham beaches

On Morocco’s Atlantic coast, between Rabat and Tangier, is the seaside resort of Moulay Bousselham. Rent a car and go to the beaches of this "Moroccan Hawaii".


Moulay Bousselham beaches


In Moulay Bousselham, the local sport is surf. The resort town is known across the country for its surf spots. The spot named Hawaii, accessible by boat, is distinguished by a 2m smell and a rocky bottom. The spot of Foum Al Marja, with a swell over 1.5m and tubes of ten seconds, is very popular. The spot called Oued is ideal for bodyboarding. And the last surf spot of Moulay Bousselham, near Oued, gives series of amazing waves.

Moulay Bousselham is located approximatively 130 km from the cities of Rabat and Tangier. Not far, the lagoon Merja Zerga, of more than 20000 hectares, is the winter destination for migratory birds from Europe. There, there are more than 100 avian species and twice as much plant species.

Moulay Bousselham is also the first agricultural region of the country. The city is known for its production of strawberries, avocados and blueberries. A festival is even organized in honor of the local strawberries, exported all around the world.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent a van to go with your friends, and all your surfing equipments, to Moulay Bousselham.

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Practical informations

Moulay Bousselham is only 1h30 drive from Rabat and 1h20 drive from Tangier. To go there easily, and fully enjoy your stay in Morocco, rent the car you need in one of the numerous Hertz car rental agencies of the country.