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If you really want to take advantage of your stay in Morocco, you should consider renting a car. And it is even more true if you go to Oujda and wish to take advantage of the region. Discover the surroundings of the city of Oujda and where to rent a car in Oujda to make your stay more comfortable.


Rent a car in Morocco to visit the region of Oujda

Morocco is a very big country, with diverse and various landscapes. If you want to bask on the beach, go to Tangier on the Mediterranean Coast or Casablanca on the Atlantic Coast. If you prefer to explore cities, go to Rabat, the capital of the kingdom, or go to Marrakesh, known for the beauty of its souks. And if you are a nature lover, Oujda is your city.

A small and peaceful city

This town on the east side of the country, situated near the border of Algeria, is a young touristic pole where you will not lack things to do. But most importantly, when we go to Oujda is to visit the surroundings. Consider renting a car in Oujda to explore this vast and natural region. For example, go to the Fart lake (also called "Labsara"), rarely visited by the tourists, or to the Mounts of Beni Snassen and the Natural reserve of the same name (situated a little bit farther west). Also, in a little more than one hour of road (from the center of Oujda), you will easily reach the sea and in particular the magnificent beach of Saïda.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent a comfortable car to discover the region of Oujda.

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Practical information

The city of Oujda, east of Morocco, does not lack things to do and to see. But to take advantage of your trip to Oujda, it is essential to rent a car to go off to explore this beautiful natural region.