Road trip to Oujda, Saïdia and Nador

What about a road trip in Morocco? There is nothing better to do than hitting the road to discover such a diverse and wonderful country. We suggest to start by the beautiful city of Oujda, then a stop by Saïdia, and drive along the coast heading to Nador. For this road trip, think about renting a comfortable car.


Rent a car in Morocco to go from Oujda, to Saidia and Nador


Morocco has a lot of diverse landscapes as well as a very interesting cultural background. That is why it would be sad to only visit one place during your stay. To fully enjoy the area where you are, the best is to rent a car and go on a road trip. You can go to the East of the country, in the charming city of Oujda. You will discover the Sidi Mâfaa forest, known for its sports paths where you can take a stroll by bike. The forest is also the perfect place for a picnic.

After enjoying Oujda, take the road to the North, until you reach Saïdia, a little seaside resort. The beach here is so beautiful that it has been called the “blue pearl of Morocoo”. Although this place is idyllic, the entire Mediterranean coast is worth visiting. Take road N16 to Nador. You will drive along the coast and its magnificent landscapes before getting to Mount Gurugu —North of Nador.

The Mount Gurungu is a must-see location. With an altitude of 900 meters, it is known for its beautiful forest, its waterfalls, the amazing view on Nador’s lagoon and for the ancient Spanish fort located on the top of the mount. To go there, take road P6209 —heading to Mellila.

A little advice from Hertz Morocco : rent an economic and comfortable car o enjoy a perfect road trip between Oujda and Nador.

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Practical information

Stay 2 to 3 days in Oujda in order to fully enjoy the city and the Sidi Mâafa forest. In Saïdia, where the beach is the main activity, 2 days of leisure should be enough. Finally, count 2 to 3 days in Nador where you will have a lot to do such as climbing the Mount Gurungu. To enjoy all of this, rent a car that is suitable for you.