Dakhla city

Located on the Rio de Oro peninsula, at the far south of Morocco, Dakhla is a really charming city. Rent a car and discover this Sahara city.


Rent a car in Morocco to go to the beautiful city of Dakhla


On the narrow Rio de Oro peninsula, between Dakhla's bay and the Atlantic, the city of Dakhla is not like any other. Dakhla is located at the far south of Morocco,between ocean and desert. This geographic location is what makes this city so extraordinary. Once a mandatory step for the French air mail service, under the name of Villa Cisneros, it is now renowned for its authenticity, -far away from mass tourism, for its fishing port, -one of the biggest in Morocco, and for its surfing spots. Each year, one step of the World kitesurf Championship takes place in Dakhla.

Every year, the city organizes the “Sea and desert” Festival, which brings out the attractive features of the area. This festival is also an opportunity to develop sustainable development, a priority for the government.

In spite of its dry climate and lack of architectural originality, Dakhla boasts magnificent landscapes. The blue of the sea contrasts beautifully with the beige of the Sahara desert. The sails of kitesurfs, floating everywhere above the water, offer a wonderful performance. And the sunset is mesmerizing.

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Practical information

Dakhla is a subsaharan city located on the Rio de Oro peninsula. To fully enjoy the landscapes of this authentic Moroccan region, it is interesting to make a road trip between Agadir and Dakhla. To do so, you need to rent an inexpensive and comfortable car.