Cape Three Forks

Located on the northeast coast of Morocco, on Melilla-Nador road, the Cape Three Forks is a headland near the Algerian border and the Spanish city of Melilla. Rent a car and discover this beautiful place shaped by the Mediterranean Sea.

Cape Three Forks

North-east of Morocco, spread over an area of 8000 hectares, Cape Three Forks is an authentic and wild place. Lined with sparkling beaches with crystal clear water, with caves and dotted with mastic trees, this volcanic headland enter the Mediterranean Sea by about twenty kilometers.

Following the walking path along the coast, you can admire the beautiful view offered by the cliffs. At the tip of the cape is Tibouda, a fishing village, with its traditional way of life. The seaside sheds and the finishing nets spread on the sand are parts of the landscape of this village far from everything.

The history of the cape begins in 1947, when Pedro de Estopiñán conquers a small atoll in the eastern coast of Morocco. This atoll grows to become Melilla. In 1934, while Morocco is a protectorate of Spain, the Spanish government decides to make Nador, the capital of the province of Kert. At the end of the protectorate, in 1956, the cape (with the exception of Melilla, which stays an autonomous Spanish city) passes under Moroccan sovereignty.

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Practical informations

The Cape Three Forks is just 25 kilometers from Nador. From this city, you will have to take the N15 road (to Beni Ansar), then take the P6209 road to the north, until you arrive at the Ifri'n Dounacht village.