Bab Lakhmis: a historic gate in Meknes

Meknes is a historic town of Northern Morocco, not far from Fez. It boasts numerous historic monuments, among which is the Bab Lakhmis gate built in the 17th century and part of UNESCO's World Heritage List since 1914. Rent a car to go to Meknes and visit this town full of history.
Bab Lakhmis is an imposing gate that used to be the Western entrance of the city of the Amber Garden -Madinat Ar-Riad Al Anbari, built in the 17th century by order of Moulay Ismail. In those times, it was a beautiful city, but sadly, it was destroyed less than a century after by Moulay Abdellah,
Moulay Ismail's successor. Today, only ruins remain, yet the Bab Lakhmis gate is wonderfully preserved.
The Bab Lakhmis gate is decorated with bright colors, friezes with interlaced patterns and Kufic writings. For instance, you can read these sentences: “I am the gate open to every people, whether Occidental or Oriental” and “I am the joyful gate of the same splendor as the full-moon in the sky.
I was built by Moulay Ismail. Fortune and prosperity are engraved in my frontage, I am surrounded by bliss” translate the sultan's ambition and open-mindedness. The gate is framed with massive walls and two crenelated towers. A little advice from Hertz Morocco: rent an inexpensive car to discover the region of Fez and the Medina of Meknes where you can admire the infamous Bab Lakhmis gate.
Practical information
Bab Lakhmis is a majestic gate built in the 17th century in Meknes, not far from Fez. To admire this historic site and visit Morocco easily, think about renting a car.
Area map: Bab Lakhmis gate in Meknes
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