A memorable journey to Rabat

Rabat, the politique and administrative capital of Morocco. It benefits of a pleasant climate all year round, ranging from 6 Celsius degrees to 30 Celsius degrees, a strategic location on the Atlantic coast, and a unique historical heritage, which make of Rabat a wonderful destination for tourists.

To tour this lively city planning ahead is highly recommended, in this sense, this guide will help you to have a blast during your visit to Rabat.

Here are the different locations and activities that we recommend:

There are many places in Rabat that will charm you, whether you are looking for attraction, history or relaxation, but there is a specific location that you differently don’t want to miss, Hassan tower. A mosque that was meant to be constructed in the 12th century under direct orders from the ruler Yaqoub Al-Mansour, but got cancelled upon his death in 1199. Today, Hassan tower is a touristic spot, recognized as a world heritage site by the UNESCO, where visitors can explore the ancient ruins going all the way to the tomb of king Mohammed V and his sons. The next spot to visit is another UNESCO world heritage site, the Kasbah of Oudayas. A beautiful and calm old fortified fortress perfect for photography and painting, so think of bring your camera and tools with you! In this blue and white tiny city, you will find one of the first Moroccan palaces ever, the National Craft Museum, and shops where you can get wonderful traditional souvenirs. If you’re a fan of exploring ruins then you will surely like the next place on the list. Chellah Necropolis, positioned on an old fortified roman city called Sala, a mysterious place full of secrets that tourists often visit to have a calm and peaceful stroll while enjoying beautiful natural scenes. If you still want more sightseeing, then you should definitely head to the Medina, this one is different from other Medinas since it was built by Muslims that came from Spain’s Andalusia area in the 17th century. This place contains many interesting spots such as souk Essebbat and Koubba mosque, the Merenid fountain and the Mellah. After visiting the previous cultural spots, it’s time to change the theme a bit starting with art. When we mention art, a specific place in Rabat comes to mind, Mohammed VI Museum of Contemporary Arts, a place that holds the works of the best artists in the country. A tour in this museum will give you a clear picture of the traditional art for which Morocco is justly known. There is also the Museum of History and Civilization which offers a wide range of ancient artworks and relics that describes the history of Morocco from prehistoric times. After that, don’t hesitate to depart to Rabat’s Zoo that holds more than 130 species from the Atlas Mountains, the North African desert and the savannah, and it’s also known for having the highest number of Atlas lions.

After this long journey of exploration, you might want to relax, right? For that, going to the beach seems like the perfect option. When it comes to this topic there is a city called Skhirat 20 mins away from Rabat that offers a delightful beach famous for its golden sand. Finally, if you’re into nightlife, then there is a special place located in Sofitel Rabat hotel, the So lounge nightclub! This club will certainly give you a new taste of nightlife and make you want to come party again over and over.  

To make your trip even easier, we’re going to equip you with a list of the best hotels and restaurants in Rabat:

Best hotels:                                                                     Best restaurants:

Sofitel Rabat Jardin des Roses;                                    Le Dhow Restaurant Bar Lounge;

The View Hotel;                                                              La Terrazza Restaurant;

La Tour Hassan Hotel;                                                    Al Marsa Restaurant;

STORY Rabat Hotel & Spa.                                            Mai Thaï Restaurant.


In order to tour Rabat with ease, a car will be essential. We recommend one of our premium category cars such as an Alfa Romeo Stelvio, a Peugeot 508 GT Line, or a Volvo XC90.