Pottery: a Moroccan tradition

In Morocco, pottery is the most representative craft of local culture. Indeed, Moroccan pottery is renowned world wide for its unique quality and beauty. Rent a car to discover Morocco and its traditional ancestral crafts.
Pottery has been a part of Moroccan tradition for many years. It is a know-how, a craft transmitted and improving from generation to generation and reaching worldwide fame. There are many types of Moroccan pottery: urban ceramics, mainly produced in Salé, Fez and Safi, Southern pottery and Northern or rural pottery. Urban pottery is delicate and sophisticated, it is inspired by islamic arts, whereas Northern and Southern potteries exhibit Berber arts, it is sober, less colored but also very decorative.
The process of fabrication of Moroccan pottery is a task that demands patience. Indeed, traditional potters collect and prepare the clay themselves. They dry it in the sun for several days, crush it, grind it, mix it with water, smooth it out, and let it sit for a day then mix it, trample it with their feet, cut it in strips, roll it and let it sit. Finally, after this laborious work, the potter begins to knead the clay to prepare
it for pottery-making.
The traditional oven baking is another time-consuming process: 6 hours of baking at 900°C then, they have to wait another 6 hours for the oven to cool down to collect the pieces. Ceramics can be decorated before or after baking, this task also demands hours of patience, concentration and application. It is thanks to this long and meticulous work that Moroccan pottery-makers are among the most famous in the world.
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Practical information
Pottery is an ancestral craft in Morocco. In the entire Kingdom, potter workshops are open to visitors. To visit one of them or simply a souk where you can buy traditional pottery, think about renting a car.
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