Dar Jamai Museum

Built in 1882 in Meknes, the Dar Jamai Museum is a building full of history. Rent a car and go visit this traditional monument of the Moroccan upper middle class.


Dar Jamai Palace


In the city of Meknes, northeast of Morocco, is the Dar Jamai Museum. Built in 1882 upon the request of Mohamed Ben Larbi Jamai (Grand Vizier of Sultan Moulay Hassan I), this house is primarily a palace. Following the death of Hassan I and family feuds, the palace was confiscated and sold to Madani El Glaoui of Marrakech, but he never resided there.

It was not until 1912 and the establishment of the French protectorate in Morocco that the Dar Jamai Palace was used again, but this time as a military hospital. The French call it “Hospital Louis”. In 1920, after a slow conversion, this former palace opened to public in a new form : “The Museum of Native Arts”. It was then renamed Dar Jamai Museum.

The museum has a permanent exhibition entitled “Arts and traditional crafts of Meknes”. Objects representing the cultural identity of the region are exhibited. A walk through the museum gives an overview of luxury enjoyed by the Vizier, but also allows you to admire the craft tradition of Meknes and the local architecture.

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The Dar Jamai Palace is located in front of the Lahdim Place, in the heart of Meknes city – between Rabat and Fez. To go there, consider renting a car.