Atlas Studios of Ouarzazate

If you are a fan of the seventh art and/or enjoy visiting uncommon places, then you will undoubtedly love the Atlas Studios of Ouarzazate. Let’s focus on these cinema studios located in the middle of the desert.


Atlas Studios

Built in 1983, and situated at 3 km West from Ouarzazate, the Atlas Studios are a hotspot for the global movie industry. Its success is due to the natural environment of this place, the significant labour force, and the quality of the facilities and equipment available in the Atlas Studios.

Several famous movies have been shot there: The Jewel of the Nile by Lewis Teague, Gladiator and Kingdom of Heaven, both directed by Ridley Scott, Spy Game by Tony Scott, Asterix & Obelix: Mission Cleopatra by Alain Chabat and Prince of Persia by Mike Newell.

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Practical informations to go there

The Atlas Studios are not far from the city. To go there and enjoy your stay in Ouarzazate, think about renting a car.