Pottery: a moroccan tradition

In Morocco, pottery is the most representative craft of local culture. Indeed, Moroccan pottery is renowned world wide for its unique  quality and beauty. Rent a car to discover Morocco and ...

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Dar si said museum

If the Villa des Arts Museum in Casablanca is a collection of contemporary Moroccan art, the Dar Si Said Museum in Marrakech is a collection of traditional Moroccan art. Discover this beautiful palace ...

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Dar jamai museum

Built in 1882 in Meknes, the Dar Jamai Museum is a building full of history. Rent a car and go visit this traditional monument of the Moroccan upper middle class. In the city of Meknes, ...

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Atlas studios of ouarzazate

If you are a fan of the seventh art and/or enjoy visiting uncommon places, then you will undoubtedly love the Atlas Studios of Ouarzazate. Let’s focus on these cinema studios located in the middle ...

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